Far Harbor, Fallout 4’s latest and largest DLC, lands May 19th

This is it, this is the big Fallout 4 add-on you’ve been waiting for: the one with the robots. No, not that other one, although it was very nice as well — I mean the one spotlighting the Commonwealth’s beloved private detective, synthetic Sam Spade-alike Nick Valentine. I’ll wait while you finish swooning.

“Far Harbor” is a hefty narrative expansion on the creepy weird fiction/H.P. Lovecraft vibe you may have stumbled upon if you ever wandered to the far northeast corner of Fallout 4‘s overworld map. It has all the texture of that New England Gothic mood, paired with a story which seems to dovetail with some of Fallout 4‘s main questlines concerning the “synths” — robotic lifeforms which look and act human, many of whom don’t even realize they’re machines.

The game’s lore is too complex to get into in-depth here, but this is where Nick Valentine comes in: he acts as a bridge between the older, obviously industrial synthetics and the newer, humanlike synths. Players receive “Far Harbor”‘s story quest from him when his detective agency receives a tip from a woman looking for her missing daughter, which leads you to the titular harbor which is, indeed, a considerable distance from the coast. It takes place across its own discrete series of maps, comparable to bigger story DLCs in past Fallout games, and we can expect new enemy types and weaponry too.

My one question is: will this expansion finally, finally allow us to date Nick? Considering it’s expected to cost a whole $25 (if you don’t have the Season Pass), it darn well better.

I would be content to just cuddle, really. (Source: lady-of-rohan on Tumblr.)

I would be content to just cuddle, really. (Source: lady-of-rohan on Tumblr.)

Fallout 4‘s “Far Harbor” add-on arrives May 19th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.