Fallout 4’s last and largest DLC, ‘Nuka-World,’ lands next week

You gotta say this for Bethesda’s Fallout animated shorts, they’re consistent in tone and style. By which I mean, cheeky and bloody. The trailer for its new “Nuka-World” expansion, above, is no exception.

Said to be larger even than the expansive “Far Harbor” add-on, “Nuka-World” again launches the Sole Survivor of Fallout 4 into a new region with new weapons and enemies to contend with. This DLC takes the player to the titular Nuka-World, a cola-branded themepark filled to the brim with midcentury Americana. It even comes with this cheerily period-accurate map:

I'm most excited for 'Galactic Zone,' personally.

I’m most excited for ‘Galactic Zone,’ personally.

With “Nuka-World,” Bethesda closes the book on Fallout 4‘s considerably-sized DLC plan, though the studio will continue to support mod content on both PC and Xbox One (PS4 is still, it seems, forthcoming).

It’s been a long road, but this last expansion sure seems poised to send Fallout 4 off with a (fizzy) blast. “Nuka-World” lands on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 30th.