Everything that went down at Bethesda’s E3 press conference

If you happened to miss Bethesda’s livestream this evening, never fear. ZAM was there in force and we have all the details.

Quake Champions

“Yes. Quake is back.”

That’s how Tim Willits, studio director of id Software, introduced Quake Champions. This is going to be an arena-based first-person shooter for PC, and we can expect it to be fast-paced, just as this year’s Doom remake was. Despite the speed of combat, Willits promises Quake Champions will be accessible “whether you are new to Quake or have been fragging for 20 years.”

Willits added that Bethesda will also supporting competitive Quake tournaments and leagues in conjunction with Champions, which presently has no release date. We’ll hear more about this at QuakeCon.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

First announced at last year’s E3, this mobile card game invites some inevitable comparisons with Hearthstone. One new item of note, Bethesda indicates it is expanding its present closed beta, so if you’re interested in joining in you should sign up via Bethesda’s website.

Second Wave of Fallout 4 DLC teased

We got our first look at three new Fallout 4 DLC add-ons, two of which follow the Wasteland Workshop/Automatron model of the past set of DLC and one which looks to be more story-based like Far Harbor.

  • Contraptions: this is another settlement DLC in the vein of Wasteland Workshop, with more settlement building features including conveyor belts and, er, stockades? You do you, Bethesda.
  • Vault-Tec: this one’s pretty unique! It’s a build-your-own-vault DLC, which means not just an all-new settlement to design and populate, you can also run dehumanizing experiments on its inhabitants.
  • Wasteland Vacation: this looks to be another big story DLC with a new location, a deteriorated Disneyland-styled themepark called Nuka World. Trailer below.

We’ll add release dates for these as they become available.

In separate Fallout news, the mobile spinoff Fallout Shelter was announced for PC.

Skyrim definitive edition

Yep, it’s real! We saw some side-by-sides of the game running on previous and current consoles to drive home the graphical overhauls. Also, following on Fallout 4, mod support on console!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim definitive edition is dated for November for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


This new game from Dishonored studio Arkane is a moody first-person survival horror set aboard a space station where things have, of course, gone horribly wrong. It’s unclear how much of Prey is held over from the cancelled Prey 2, which Bethesda cancelled in 2014, but this Prey is expected for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC next year. Arkane says we’ll hear more about it at QuakeCon this August. Here’s the trailer:

New Doom features

We’ll be seeing some new multiplayer modes for Doom, Exodus and Sector, which will be free to all players and available on all maps. Exodus is a capture-the-flag mode while Sector is more akin to King of the Hill.

Starting tonight there’s also a free demo on all platforms, which shows off the first level of the game. It will only be available for this week, so if you’re curious, now would be the time to pick this up.

Elder Scrolls Online

The big news here is “One Tamriel,” a new initiative Bethesda is pushing which will remove level restrictions from all of TESO’s regions beyond the tutorial. “This is the first time this has ever been done in a multi-platform RPG,” says Bethesda.

One of TESO’s biggest expansions, Dark Brotherhood, was also announced for console release.

Bethesda VR

Bethesda has a few virtual reality exhibitions at E3 this year, including Doom, which seems like a recipe for motion sickness. But for non-attendees, the biggest takeaway from this segment was the news that Fallout 4 would be coming to HTC Vive in 2017. 

Dishonored 2

Creative director Harvey Smith closed the show with a new guided tour of Dishonored 2‘s richly atmospheric environments and gameplay, which are being developed with Arkane’s own home-grown game engine, the Void Engine.

“We wanted Dishonored 2 to resemble a painting in motion,” says Smith. “You can see the layers of history… from years ago. We want every market, every alley to tell a story.”

One compelling illustration of this is the Fold Timepiece power, which allows the player to alternate between two time settings of the same location. The player can switch between past and present with the press of a button, using a sidearm window into the other time setting in order to execute skills across timelines.

We also spent more time on new protagonist Emily Kaldwin in the game’s prologue set in Dunwall. We also saw Corvo, fully voiced and without his signature mask, interacting with Emily in the moments before the coup which drives them both from the capital and to Carnaca, the game’s main setting.

Smith then left us with a new (stab-filled) gameplay trailer, which we’ll have for you soon. Watch this space!