Event[0] is a cool space game with the chillest rogue AI in the galaxy

Event[0] combines a lot of things I like: story-based, exploration-heavy indie sensibilities, space, the analog allure of the 80s, the time-tested “I woke up on a derelict space station with only the AI to guide me” storyline.

Yes, I know, stop me if you’ve heard that one before.

But Ocelot Society’s game is much better than just a pretty re-tread of a playable overcooked Star Trek episode. Instead of a “walking simulator,” the game is much more an interplay between you and Kaizen, the friendly, sassy, smart AI on the ship. You don’t just pick dialogue choices with her, you have full, robust conversations with her — using your keyboard to type just as you would with any other screen of words representing a person.

Navigation and environmental puzzle solving are present, and there’s even a few command line interface mechanics to parse, but, at it’s heart, this is a game about making a connection to another mind.

In space. In retro-future space, with Alien Isolation-looking tech and pretty window displays. These folks know how to construct a world and a vibe, and I’m excited to see how it all wraps up.

Event[0] is available now on Steam.