E3 2017: Bethesda press briefing

Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda descended upon E3 this evening with its annual press briefing, showcasing a generous handful of new and remastered titles.

Revisits and Expansions

Bethesda dedicated a respectable chunk of its press conference to its existing repertoire of titles, some of which are rolling out new modes and expansions, while others are recalibrated for new hardware.

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed this one itself during its official Switch announcement event earlier this year, but fans speculated that we might learn more about this handheld port of the fifth Elder Scrolls at E3, either from Nintendo or directly from Bethesda. We got to see the lush graphical abilities of the Switch strutting itself, some promise of Amiibo compatibility with in-game items, and multiple control configurations including motion controls for combat.

Fallout 4 VR

This VR-optimized edition of Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic open-world RPGs will be streaming right to your eyeballs this October.

Creation Club

Bethesda’s run up against a number of roadblocks trying to get a workable mods marketplace working for the console editions of Skyrim and Fallout 4. Creation Club is the publisher’s attempt at a fresh start, offering an integrated community marketplace where user-created mods are purchasable with credits (which presumably cost real money — hopefully that cash goes back to the modders).

Doom VFR

id Software’s Doom reboot went over much better than some feared, with the general consensus holding that it’s good, gory fun. So why not take that a bit further by having all those pants-wettingly terrifying demons come right at your face?

It appears there’s some kind of level-builder mode included as well.

Brand Spankin’ New

Bethesda also unveiled a handful of all-new titles, albeit sequels for existing series. Still, hey. These are looking pretty good.

The Evil Within 2

I’ll withhold my snark about how Hideo Kojima’s P.T. has singlehandedly changed the entire horror game genre and the thanks he gets for it is trailers for other games pretending they’re in a similar vein and then, whoops, it’s third-person Resident Evil schlock again. At least we can all agree the trailer’s aesthetic is great.

The Evil Within 2 launches, appropriately, on Friday the 13th this October.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

A spinoff/side-story of Arkane’s beloved Dishonored series, this appears to take its setting and art design cues from the main series but offers us a new cast of characters, including this badass.

Death of the Outsider arrives this September. Heck yes.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

No one would deny that the newest Wolfenstein is looking gorgeous as heck. Fans of The New Order swear by that entry’s more mature storytelling, and it appears Colossus will continue on in that vein, with the ever-so-classic “what if the Nazis won and took over North America” premise wh– wait, are those KLANSMEN?

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is due out this October, so get those thinkpiece engines revved up.