Dark Souls III is getting a new expansion, just in time for Halloween

Dark Souls III stalwarts, take heart, for your faith has been rewarded: a new downloadable content (DLC) expansion named “Ashes of Ariandel” is heading your way on October 25th.

The announcement comes via a leak — which we don’t usually run, but this one’s been pretty well substantiated — spotted on Sony’s official PlayStation Twitter account and the latest issue of Japanese games publication Famitsu, detailing new weapons, magic spells, and a player-on-player exclusive map called Immortal Competition. The Famitsu details come third-hand via Japanese blog Hachima and translated by Siliconera, so don’t assume any of the names are final — but we can gather there’s some kind of wintery theme going on, with a snow-covered new area, an ice storm spell, and a greatsword described as being cloaked in a “colorless flame” (so, uh, white?).

We expect to learn more about this expansion when the announcement trailer is officially (re-)released. Until then, players interested in sprucing up their Dark Souls III experience will just have to make do with adding crabs to everything.

“Ashes or Ariandel” is the first of two expected DLC expansions, the second of which is due out sometime early next year. Both are included on the Dark Souls III Season Pass, which will run you $24.99. There is no specified price for “Ariandel” as a standalone download, but Famitsu gives its Japanese price as 1,200 yen, so we can expect the USD price to come in at around $15.

There is no current confirmation for a release date on Xbox One or Steam, so for now we’ll assume the date is the same as on PlayStation 4, October 25th.

(h/t ShackNews, Siliconera, Eurogamer.)