Cyberpunk your ninja skills in Shadow Warrior 2

We’ve taken a look at Shadow Warrior 2 a couple of times now, and the game seems to be progressing beautifully on its gory, lightning-fast way. An FPS with lots of weapons, blazing speed, and wild ninja skills, to say nothing of its light RPG elements, it’ll finally arrive on PC on October 13th.

I heard tell, while playing the game at PAX West this year, that the Doom (2016) team was mighty impressed by Flying Wild Hog’s meaty chainsaw weapon, going so far as to call it better than their own. For wild-and-wooly shooters in 2016, that’s a pretty massive compliment, and well-deserved.

I’ve long been impressed by its weapon variety (and the ability to customize arms with elemental damage), colorful environments, and generally light and wacky tone. This is a video game-ass video game, it knows it, and it’s better for it.

We’re looking forward to having the game as a Halloween-y treat next month.