Curious about that Dark Souls board game? Here’s what it’s like in action

Plenty of people are excited for a Dark Souls board game. So much so, the Kickstarter campaign hit its $70,000 funding goal in about three minutes. That in itself is not the purpose of this post, though — Steamforged Games has also released a video demonstrating a current prototype of the board game in order to illustrate how it will actually play.

If you are at all acquainted with some of the more combat-heavy tabletop or board games out there, like good ol’ Dungeons & Dragons, the card-based boss fighting shown above will be familiar to you. It supports one to four players who face off against an ‘AI’ opponent, whose abilities are randomly drawn from a deck of cards at the beginning of the game. So, while the encounters are modeled after bosses you might recognize from past Souls games, the tactics necessary to defeat them will change every time you play.

The core game ships with two boss encounters, Dancer of the Boreal Valley from Dark Souls III and paired units/old married couple Ornstein and Smough from the first Dark Souls. It also features figures for five minibosses (Gargoyle, Titanite Demon, Frost Knight, Winged Knight and Invader) and 16 grunt enemies. Oh, and character figures representing four of the starting player classes from the games (Knight, Warrior, Herald and Assassin), health tokens, and dice. Ya gotta have dice.

The complete contents of the core game.

The complete contents of the core game (image via Steamforged Games).

Many game-related Kickstarters double as preorder pages, but Steamforged is not even shy about its intentions here: there are exactly two backer levels, one for individual preorders (£80 or roughly $113 US) and one for retailers. If that sounds like a thing you wish to plunk down cash for, you know the drill! Steamforged will be selling add-on expansions to the core game after its release, currently scheduled for April 2017.

(h/t Polygon.)

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