Battlefield 1’s single-player story trailer is here

Even if you don’t know much about World War I, generally there are two things you do know about it: a horrifically large number of people died, and American forces were barely part of it.

This doesn’t stop the Battlefield 1 story trailer, above, from narrating itself to us with a companionable Southern drawl. We’ve known for a while that the game’s single-player campaign would feature multiple protagonists, the better to capture what the war was like from different perspectives, but this emphasis on an American point of view seems… kind of dissonant.

Not to mention, World War I isn’t really remembered as a good war; a war to be proud of. Yet the narration is full of the same “if we sacrifice and even a small few of us are remembered etc etc” dramatic swell as you’d expect out of any World War II game. Personally, it shakes my confidence that at least the single-player campaign of Battlefield 1 can be respectful to the source material, even when I’ve long abandoned that hope for the multiplayer side of things (fun as it looks).

Still. People don’t play Battlefield and Call of Duty games for the story, and it is nice that despite the emphasis on the same old American patriotism line, the trailer also offers us a close-up of some of the characters and locations we can expect to see. Where’s our Harlem Hellfighter from the cover though?

Battlefield 1 is due out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21st.