At last, Overwatch’s latest hero, Sombra, is here

Unleashed upon the public testing realm (PTR) this morning as a thrilling conclusion to her official BlizzCon reveal, Overwatch‘s newest playable hero is the long-awaited Sombra, the quirky, shaved-side-haircut leet haxxorz from Mexico.

An offensive hero, Sombra is a mix of fast, lightweight attacks and powerful debuffs. She can temporarily turn invisible and seal an opponent’s abilities, and her Ultimate skill, EMP, instantly disables all barriers and shields within its radius. Expect at least some of these skills to get nerfed in pretty short order, because dang.

So, was Sombra worth the wait? She was the subject of an absurdly protracted, months-long alternate reality game (ARG) which went as far as inspiring fans to break into completely unrelated player accounts in search of clues, her countdown timers seemed to count down to nothing, and it appeared at times Blizzard just plain did not have a good hold of the entire campaign. But she’s here now at least, ready to boop our noses while she hacks our Gibsons.

Above, Sombra’s introductory animated short, showcasing her working “with” her fellow Talon operatives Widowmaker and Reaper. (As you can imagine, the fandom has already gotten a lot of mileage out of the trio’s new dynamic.) Below, gameplay footage showing Sombra’s abilities in action, plus a gallery of her available skins. Dias de los Muertos-themed legendary skin!

To learn how to get into Overwatch‘s public testing realm for earlier access to new updates, head on over to Blizzard’s official explainer here.

Skins, via GameSpot: