All the highlights from EA’s E3 press conference

After the events of this morning, you might’ve found it a relief to zone out and tune into EA’s big E3 announcements. I know that was the case for me. So here’s a quick, easy-to-digest rundown of everything from the afternoon’s livestream.

Titanfall 2

The big news here is that Titanfall 2 will not be an Xbox One exclusive like its predecessor — this one is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC as well. There are also six new Titan types and a “deep progression system.” Also, single player! I hope you can date your mech.

We also got a release date for all three platforms: October 28th. Whee!

EA Sports Doubles Down on Esports

Peter Moore announced three new competitive modes for its EA Sports titles: Challenger, Premier, and EA Major, taking advantage of online play and streaming features to host ongoing tournaments for all comers.

Moore also announced $1 million in prize money for EA’s Madden ’17 championship series.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

“We’re building on the things you loved in Mass Effect,” said BioWare chief Aaron Flynn, “and we’re letting our imaginations run wild… That’s our promise to you.”

Not much new information here unfortunately, but we got a new trailer reiterating BioWare’s goals for the game, which is vast alien environments and new species. We also got a look at some familiar aliens running in the Frostbite engine, like this ADORABLE asari:

hello hi can we be best friends

Hello best friend

‘Play to Give’

EA announced it was introducing in-game challenges in Battlefield 4, Galaxy of Heroes, FIFA 16, Star Wars Battlefront, Madden 16 which offer both rewards for players and $1 million in donations to the following charities: HeForShe, National Center for Women in Information Technology,, Code2040, and Special Effect.

FIFA Story Mode

The upcoming FIFA 17 has a story-based mode called The Journey, focusing on the (quasi?-)fictitious British footballer Alex Hunter and his career as a rookie player on a team of, presumably, the player’s choosing. The Journey should bracket game matches with cutscenes detailing Hunter’s rise to stardom.

Gameplay has also received some “massive transformations,” with improved player AI and setpieces.

EA Originals

“It’s about supporting small developers and helping them with their games,” said EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund. “We want all the profit from these games to go back to the developers.”

To this end, EA said it is doubling down on promoting small independent games, in particular showcasing a new, moody, silhouetted 3D platformer, Fe. “Fe is a personal narrative about our relationship with nature,” Zoink’s Klaus Lyngeled told the assembled press, showing off the game’s music-based gameplay. You play as a small animal cub navigating an unfamiliar forest, a sort of combination Journey and Limbo, perhaps.

Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars

Nothing really new here, just an overview of the franchise titles EA already has on the market and a quick mention of its upcoming Star Wars titles from Visceral and Respawn. This segment was notable mostly for Jade Raymond breaking up the monotony of awkward dudes in T-shirts. Oh, we got this video too:

Battlefield 1

We saw a new trailer for this upcoming first-person shooter based on World War I, which saw 16 million people killed if you count civilian casualties. The new trailer showcased tanks and biplane combat. We also got a look at multiplayer combat, which can support up to 64 simultaneous players, and also features variable weather conditions which will meaningfully affect combat conditions. A demonstration of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer will occur later today and include a clearly enthused Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron.

We’ll have in-depth analysis of EA’s announcements for you soon!