A Superhot card game? Sure, why not!

At a glance, Superhot seems a weird choice to be adapted into a card game: it’s an experimental first-person shooter where enemies and their bullets move depending on when you do, leading to some highly tactical gameplay. We loved it when it released back in February, and even attended a talk by its designer at the Game Developers Conference, which you should totally read. Now, tabletop game publisher Board and Dice (Exoplanets, Beer Empire) is teaming up with veteran game designer Manuel Correia (Agent Decker) to adapt Superhot’s unique combat in a whole new way.

Concept box art via Superhot's official website.

Concept box art via Superhot’s official website.

As yet, there’s not much information about the upcoming game, just an official website and the promise of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign (of course) launching in December. There’s also this evocative bit of teaser text: “A bullet misses you by millimeters. A dozen more come from every direction. Armed red guys are everywhere.  You take a breath. You check your options. You play a card.”

And of course, a modified version of the game’s tagline: “Cards only move when you move.”

(Well I would hope so, unless this was some kind of telekinesis game!)

The cover mock-up (left) sure looks fancy, at least! We’ll know more about this Superhot (SUPERHOT. SUPER. HOT.) project come December.

(h/t Kotaku, Eurogamer.)