You Love to See It Episode 5: Unedited Footage of a Bear

It's really not what you think.

Danielle, merritt, and Steven kick off 2020 with another episode of You Love to See It. This week, the gang watched Unedited Footage of a Bear: the surreal horror-comedy from Adult Swim and experimental filmmaker Alan Resnick. The short originally aired the same year as Adult Swim’s similar, but much more popular Too Many Cooks. Although it may have been the more interesting and terrifying of the two. Find out why on another exciting episode of You Love to See It!

Check out the episode here in this post, find it on iTunesSpotify, and/or Stitcher, or download it directly right here.

This week we watched: Unedited Footage of a Bear. You can watch it yourself for free right here! Although we’d like to include a content warning for extreme violence, disturbing imagery, and children in unsettling situations.

Our intro and outro music is “Spirit” by Purple Dive, acquired through Epidemic Sound.


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