You Love to See It Episode 4: Krampus

We watch the delightful 2015 Christmas horror-comedy, right on time.

It’s the day after Christmas, and all through the house, the creatures were hungover, even the mouse. The stockings were slung in disarray by the kitchen, and all Krampuses’ critters were moaning and bitchin’.

Yes, dearies, we’ve done it! We’ve done a special holiday episode of You Love to See It, our movie podcast! Join Danielle, Steven, and Merritt as they tackle the Christmas Vacation meets Joe Dante-esque B-movie majesty of 2015’s Krampus. Everyone enjoyed the performances and some of the humor (and some of that delightfully dark creature design), but some pieces of the Krampus chaos were more difficult to swallow. No pun intended.

Check out the episode here in this post, find it on iTunesSpotify, and/or Stitcher, or download it directly right here.

One quick note: Danielle’s audio starts out just fine, but after around 35 minutes, a stray Krampus demon got into the wires and messed with it, degrading the quality. It really wouldn’t be the holidays without some kind of disaster, right?


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  1. I feel like there was too much levied against this movie for being a PG-13 movie in the modern age. Yes, it had to hold some punches and not be as bleak as it could be but it had to come under budget and still deliver with what they had. Krampus was a fantastic design and I still shiver when I see/hear it bellow on those rooftops.

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