You Love to See It Episode 001: Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Welcome to the first episode of the new movie and TV podcast from Fanbyte!

Hello and welcome to a very special new project we’ve been working on! It’s “You Love to See It,” a movie and TV rewatch podcast where your friends at Fanbyte take a look at things that aren’t necessarily video games. For our very first episode, we watched… a video game movie! That’s right. Danielle, John, merritt, and Steven all sat down to take in the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. film. It was a critical and commercial flop in its day. But how does it hold up now? Does it deserve to be flushed down the pipes like most people say? Or should we trust the fungus instead, and give this bizarrely cyberpunk take on the world’s most famous plumbers a second life? Find out on “You Love to See It,” a Fanbyte podcast!

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This week we watched: Super Mario Bros. (the live-action motion picture from 1993)

Our intro and outro music is “Spirit” by Purple Dive, acquired through Epidemic Sound.


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