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You Love To See It Episode 9: The Circle

From Sammie to Joey to Adam, we talk Netflix' competition-reality series best and worst.

It’s our very first TV-specific episode of You Love to See It, and we’ve started with a banger, in Netflix’ reality competition series The Circle. Host Niki is joined by Danielle and Dillon (yes! Dillon made the podcast this week!) to discuss the weird mechanics of the show, where a group of strangers locked alone in fancy apartments need to communicate via an extremely fake “app” with one another to bond, socialize, and eventually vote one another out in a royal rumble of social media chicanery.

Danielle hate-watched, but Dillon and Niki both rated the show fairly highly on Niki’s patented Terrace House to The Bachelor Skeleton Eviction Scale — and everyone had their favorite and least-favorite “characters” to chat about.

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