SportsMiddle 1: Empty Arena Buckets

What happens when we surround your favorite video game podcasters with sports? It’s SportsMiddle, the show where these Fanbyte editors discuss the world of sports through their eyes and not through the eyes of the sports media machine you’re used to. In the premiere episode, Danielle, John, Niki, and Dillon discuss their histories with sports, the mega bloody weekend in MMA, problematic faves in the commentary booth, and the impact of COVID-19 on the sporting landscape.

SportsMiddle airs on the FanFyte podcast feed every Wednesday. You can find a direct download of this episode here or you can listen in the embed below. Our podcasts can be found on Apple, Spotify, and pretty much every major podcatcher.


John Warren

I miss Texas sometimes. Wheelchair person. Professional wrestling is humanity's greatest achievement. He/his, y'all.

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