Games and Great Performances with Sarah Elmaleh

The actor and advocate has starred in everything from Gears 5 to Anthem to Gone Home.

This year at PAX East, one of my favorite experiences was the opportunity to speak with Sarah Elmaleh, the voice actor behind characters from games as big as Gears of War 5 and Anthem, and as iconic as Pyre and Gone Home. At the show, she’s helping to promote The Red Lantern, which she did voice direction and casting for, and, naturally, she’s appearing on panels.

Over the course of our time together, we touched on her work connecting smaller devs with voice actors, the provisions in the union contract for smaller games (enabling indie games to work with union actors at a lower cost), her favorite roles, and the joy of great collaboration.

Please note: as with many of the developer interviews we do, this was recorded at a random location (in this case, a hotel hallway!), so the sound isn’t studio-quality.

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