You Love To See It 14: Playing With Fire

We jump into John Cena’s comedy firefighting shenanigans.

We have a very special treat this week. Thanks to John and Niki’s exposure to Playing with Fire on a cross-country flight after PAX, the crew decided to go ahead and do an episode on it. Join us for a discussion of this goofy, buck wild ride with John Cena as a Smoke Jumper (not your everyday firefighter!), and his buddies (including Keegan Michael Key and John Leguizamo) at a remote fire outpost. There are adorable moppets, there’s poop, there’s fire, and there are a whole lot of John Cena beefcake shots. It’s a potent brew, you might say.

You can download this episode directly right here. Otherwise, check out the player above, or head to iTunes and Spotify. While you’re there, consider rating us or leaving a review. It helps. Seriously!


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