Late Lunch January 15, 2020: Derekdorf

Late Lunch is back!!! Well, it’s back on the website. Listen, we’ve gotten…comfortable with our posting schedule here. But 2020 is 15 days in and we’re going to get so much better at making sure that our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday talk show with Niki, John, and Andrew is always here at your fingertips.

This week, we contemplate the gross iPad at Chilis and Breath of the Wild 2 theories. Also discussed are reality shows The Circle and The Bachelor, with the latter being particularly challenging and confusing for John. And Goop. Goop is discussed. I’m sorry.

Here’s the podcast version if you’re so inclined. Please give us a review and rating if you don’t mind! It helps us a lot!


John Warren

I miss Texas sometimes. Wheelchair person. Professional wrestling is humanity's greatest achievement. He/his, y'all.

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