Fanwidth 004: Moms of Rage

Hello, lovely listeners. We’re back again! It’s your official Fanbyte podcast about fandom, culture, and (usually) video games.

This weeks once again brings you Steven and merritt. And we have yet another new guest, Fanbyte Editor-in-Chief John Warren, on to endure our nonsense. Although John ends up bringing a good deal of his own weird tales, as we discuss the games our parents play. Apparently, John’s mom could beat up your mom (assuming it’s inside of Tekken, anyway). That trip down memory lane brings us down quite a few more. Finally, we launch an impromptu investigation into why we all think a well-known video game composer has a dark secret.

As for actual video games, merritt played the Daemon X Machina demo! It sounds like there’s a whole lot more to it than meets the eye. John is back on his Final Fantasy IX bullshit, too (he’s bought seven copies of the game so far). And Steven laments the rocky launch — pre-launch, according to publisher EA — of Anthem. It might be one of this month’s biggest video game releases, but it just doesn’t feel finished yet. Maybe that will change when it hits consoles next week!

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Discussed on this episode: Anthem, The Quiet Man, Black Clover, Daemon X Machina, Final Fantasy IXApex Legends (briefly)

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fashion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.