Fanbyte’s Explosive Final Fantasy VII Remake Spoilercast

If you haven't played the game already, be warned.

There’s no need to beat around the bush with this one! You can tell from the title that this bonus episode is all about Final Fantasy VII Remake. John and Steven, as well as special guests and Fanbyte writers Natalie Flores, Kenneth Shepard, and Collin MacGregor have all banded together to beat the latest project from Square Enix. And it sure is a doozy. The enormous game makes some enormously big decisions around the Final Fantasy VII plot. So we’re here to discuss what’s different, what’s the same, what we loved, what we hated, and what we’d like to see in the next chapter of the project.

Be warned! If it still wasn’t clear, this episode will contain massive spoilers for FF7 Remake.. If you’re okay with that, join us on this journey through a new kind of Midgar.

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Discussed on this episode: Final Fantasy VII Remake

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