Fanbyte Does PAX East 2020: Day Two

We played Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Industries of Titan, Spongebob and much more!

The crew survived day two of PAX East 2020 with nary a scratch, and many tales to tell. That is, we played a whole mess of video games and we want to tell you all about them, and brought along special guest Sabriel Mastin to help out! John and merritt played a cool spaceship salvage game called Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Steven and Niki got their hands on Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, while Steven also saw some cool mechs in Phantom Brigade and witnessed corporate shenanigans in Industries of Titan. Sabriel hung out with cute foxes in Tunic, and Danielle played cool puzzle/educational game Kana Quest, and got lost in the funky cityscapes of Sometimes Always Monsters

This is only a taste: we packed a lot of PAX into our hours on the show floor today. And remember: we’ll have even more adventures from Boston to share with you throughout the show! Tune in every night for much more.

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