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East Coast Office Hours 9: Keeping Our Spirits

This week: Final Fantasy Movies, Fallout 76, and getting through the bad times.

Congratulations, friends, on making it through yet another week! Co-hosts merritt k and Danielle discuss bad day coping strategies, terrible movies, and their favorite work on the site this week. There are Fallout 76 pets, a brief plot check-in from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and much more. We’re all in this together!

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About the Author

Danielle Riendeau

Danielle is the Editor-in-Chief of this delightful website, as well as a part time game design and film professor, volunteer EMT, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt (really working for purple one day), and a hobbysist game developer and screenwriter. She has two kitties and a puppy, all of whom are obscenely cute.