East Coast Office Hours are Now in Session

A new podcast with merritt k and Danielle Riendeau

We’re doing something a little different today. Features and Trending Editor merritt k and I — aka, the Brooklyn Bureau of Fanbyte — have been inspired by our good friends in the LA office to do our own version of Office Hours. In our pilot episode, merritt brings up a piece she edited on the failures of religious games, we talk religious content on the site (courtesy also of Papal Bull: Resurrection), and we chat further about You Love to See It and horror movies. 

This is a wide-open format and we’re happy to take suggestions and listener mail! Hit us up at podcasts@fanbyte.com with fun questions, name suggestions, or any other office-related business.

You can download this episode directly right here. Otherwise, check out the player above, or head to iTunes and Spotify. While you’re there, consider rating us or leaving a review. It helps. Seriously!