East Coast Office Hours 2: Wrestling with Digimon in the Fog

We still need a good sign-off.

The east coast Fanbyte crew (merritt k and Danielle Riendeau) return to recap another week in the coolest things we’ve worked on. Danielle raves about the experience of launching a new MMA and pro wrestling podcast, while merritt learned a lot working on features about the history of Digimon and the rough early seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

We also touched on an incredible piece from writer Gregory Avery-Weir, poking fun at the idea that games must be inherently violent or about conflict. Check that out here!

We’re still looking for a good sign-off (and even podcast name!) so you can email us at podcasts AT fanbyte.com with suggestions, questions, or comments for the crew.

See you next Friday!

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