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Millions of People Can’t Be Wrong About Splatoon 3, Can They?

We have a Splatoon 3 check in in this week's podcast transcript of Channel F!

It’s Splatoon 3 check in time, everyone! In this week’s podcast transcript of Channel F, A Video Game Podcast Guaranteed to Be About Video Games,™ longtime host merritt k welcomes a new stable of staple cohosts aboard the most consistent show in video games.

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With Lotus, Niki and Fūnk-é now buckled in (and with their seatbacks in the fully upright position), the zoomer-to-millennial ratio on this show is now 3:1, which means that merritt is just gonna have to get used to having Senior Moments. For instance, Splatoon came out while Fūnk-é was in high-school, and if you listen closely, you can hear merritt’s knees crack in disgust at this revelation.

This comes up, of course, because everyone is playing Splatoon 3, Nintendo’s latest and already wildly successful entry in the little squid series that could. Consider it a Splatoon 3 check-in, with your favorite kids/squids/podcast hosts. The gang also tackles “lesbian Tetris,” lo-fi pants, Metroid Prime Pinball, dodging attacks thanks to the power of friendship, the latest Steam releases, and a lot more.

Segments: Splatoon 3 Check In, Gabe’s New & Tasty, Get Rec’d

Games discussed: Splatoon 3, Tres-Bashers, Mixolumia, Metroid Prime Pinball, Pokemon Emerald, NBA 2k23, Garden Simulator, Trail Out, Steelrising, Jack Move, Taiji, Roadwarden, Disney Dreamlight Valley, Beacon Pines, Hello Neighbor 2

Channel F Ep. 179: Fūnk-é’s Book of Video Game Stuff Podcast Transcript

Channel F podcast transcript pending, yo! Check back in a couple days, it’ll be worth the wait!

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