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You Love To See It is a movie podcast. Now, it’s also your friendly neighborhood video store!

Content warning: please see the listing at the bottom of the post for all CW information!

Welcome to the first episode of the revamped You Love To See It — a podcast about watching and critiquing movies (we’ll use the term liberally), and deciding where a given film belongs on the shelves of our idealized, friendly, not-very-corporate video store. Think of it as the best indie video club you can possibly imagine from oh, say, 1998. But with current sensibilities in terms of politics, cultural awareness… and your hosts’ senses of humor.

Your hosts? Every week, we have a lineup of yours truly and the incomparable Fernanda Prates. Producing every week we have Paul Tamayo, and you can expect a series of wonderful guests gracing the store, chatting up favorite (and not-so-favorite) films and debating the merits of a front-row staff pick, a respectable middle aise placement, or the need to take the offending VHS tape out back and erase it/recycle it/put it out of its misery. We will be honest, we will be fair, and above all, we will have fun with this.

To that end, we’re starting the new format with Striptease, a 1996 comedy starring Demi Moore as an exotic dancer dealing with a corrupt politician, a wild custody battle, and a lot of pratfalls. It boasts some genuinely great performances (especially Moore in the lead role and Ving Rhames as an eccentric, utterly lovable bouncer), some great jokes, an overall much-better-than-we-were-afraid-of message about women, exotic dancing, and society. Though, there were still a few jokes that undercut the message, 90s Hollywood being… 90s Hollywood.

You can listen to the full episode here, and please jump on into our new discord channel to chat with us about the movie and the episode! Community interaction is a big part of the new direction, and we’d love to hear what you think!

Please note, this episode does carry a content warning for a discussion of sex work, stripping, body politics (including body shaming), domestic abuse and disordered eating. We try to be proactive about content warnings, but again, your feedback is appreciated!


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