Welcome to Fanbyte!

We have a simple mission: to provide fan-fueled entertainment to folks who love games.

It’s been an interesting journey to reach this happy occasion. I’m John Warren and I’ve been a part of this 19-year-old company for only about a year. But I’ve done my best to thoroughly learn its recorded history. This company has seen ownership shifts and associated personnel I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. It’s seen turmoil and strife. It has faced challenges, avoidable and otherwise.

As is frequently the case, I’m more fascinated with the unrecorded history of Zam. In many ways it tells a brighter truth. Through rough patches, even ones experienced during my tenure, a sense of community has remained. I want to tell you about parts of our history—the parts we often try to bury. Because there’s ugliness in any risky endeavor.

We’ve made perfectly normal mistakes with our ventures, but we’ve made abnormal ones, too. We’ve chased data over drive at times. We’ve overvalued blips and undervalued leadership. We’ve miscalculated markets and interest in hundreds of topics.

Now many of us accept that our best projects are the ones fueled by excitement and shared interest. It’s not complicated, but everyone complicates it now and then.

We have covered games broadly before. We’ve covered them well, in fact. But passion and excitement don’t mean much when you don’t have the full-throated support of your organization. We’ve failed in that way more than once. We’ve failed to build support systems around those most equipped to serve fans of games with interesting, useful stuff.

Now we’ve let extraordinary talent slip through our grasp. I’d summon them all—too many to mention—back here if I could.

I see a difference, such a difference, between our past missteps and our current launch. For the first time in my career I jump out of bed to come to work. I absolutely adore the people I work with. I feel a real sense that we’re collectively learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. The name of the site was chosen by all of us. Our design and brand are labors of community conversation and brilliant, recognized work. Our content strategy was pored over by veterans and newcomers to games.

As Editor-in-Chief, I’ve made it my explicit purpose to incorporate feedback and guidance from our entire staff.

It’s a genuinely exciting time here. We’re all so proud to launch this celebration of games and their diverse fandoms.

Before the rest of our incredible core staff introduce themselves, I want to give you a quick tour of what you can expect from Fanbyte.

It’s just a fancy word for “news,” sure, but this label is simply our way of saying “here’s something vital happening now.” We won’t chase every press release. Instead we focus on contextualizing how trending topics affect the landscape as a whole.


Writing comprehensive guides is one of our core competencies and we’ll do it frequently for popular games we know folks will continue to play for months and years to come. You’ll also find asset dumps and curated data here, from time to time.


Pretty straightforward. Sometimes we want to talk about a lot of different games, or something shared between a lot of different games, at once. Lists let us celebrate cool things in a bite-sized format.


Where life experiences and games intersect from some of the finest contributors in the industry.


We review games! It’s a novel concept, we know. We also review a thing from games every single day in our Microreviews category. It’s a deeply serious endeavor.


Our internal staff or frequent collaborators will discuss what they’re playing. Maybe it’s new. Maybe it’s old! Maybe it’s something no one in their right mind would play. Maybe it’s a memory or feeling. It’s my (John’s) favorite category. Don’t tell the others.


We have a YouTube channel! We plan to use it. We’ll also make use of our Twitch channel when we clear out the tiny conference room and plaster the walls with foam.


Talk to us on Twitter!

Sure. It’s a hellscape 97 percent of the time, but drop us a line and we’ll contribute to that 3 percent.

Steven Strom, Managing Editor

Uff da. It was one helluva ride getting here. This is my first full-time editing job, you see, and it marks the end of more than eight years as a freelance writer.

It hasn’t been an easy decade. Hell, it hasn’t been an easy couple months. Prepping the content side of Fanbyte has been grueling, but also the most satisfying time of my life. I feel ownership over my own words. I feel camaraderie with the fantastic folks we’ve built into this team. And do I ever feel proud of the freelancers working with us now—when that line of work is harder than ever before.

I just hope I live up to everyone’s expectations. I know I can, and that the people around me will have my back every step of the way, but “knowing” doesn’t stop this giddy nervousness. So I’m just going to keep on writing the best criticism, entertainment, and news that I can.

Thanks so much for joining me on this next step of that journey.

Dillon Skiffington, Content Editor

Hold on, let me dust myself off.

I first got my start in generic games coverage and freelancing primarily around League of Legends and esports. I then joined Fanbyte and transitioned into a role focused on Blizzard for a few years. So it’s nice to reopen my doors to more than just a few games.

For some time, I’ve been chipping away at walls to expand our company’s horizons. Fanbyte is the culmination of our efforts. I don’t feel comfortable claiming any kind of credit for getting us to this point. Sure, I helped, but without John, Ryan, and Steven this would have been way too daunting of a task.

All of the decisions we’ve made thus far will allow us to cover the things we’re truly passionate about. Ultimately, that’s all everyone here really wants. That’s what excites me the most about this new project. It’s clear when someone has passion for the things they’re covering. We’ve worked to foster that very thing.

I have big hopes for the future of this website. I see this ship going to some great places and I hope we’ll earn your support. We’ll need it.

Ryan Stevens, Video Producer

A wild Ryan Stevens appears!

Hey… That’s me! I’m going to help out with the video side of things—keep an eye out for the first episode of “Parallels.”

Origin story time: I’m blind in one eye and was prescribed an Atari 2600 to help build hand-eye coordination. Professionally, I cut my teeth at G4, matriculated over at GameTrailers, and tolerated the esports continuum at Yahoo Esports, before being enlisted to paint scan lines onto all of Fanbyte’s videos.

Obsessions include game mechanics, detailed worlds, obscurities, not-wrestling, and interactive fiction. Hopefully this doesn’t come across as glib… In all sincerity, my one wish is to deliver the very best videos to your eyeballs (even if you only have one).

And in closing…

Fanbyte is a group effort and we want to do right by you and each other. Welcome to Fanbyte! I hope we can be a happy corner for you to get lost in.


John Warren, Editor-in-Chief