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A List of Hyper Specific Communication Options Overwatch Should Have

Sometimes the wide net just doesn't cut it.

Blizzard has added new command options to Overwatch’s communication wheel, giving people who (wisely) don’t want to use voice chat to talk with other players more ways of coordinating and strategizing with their team behind the safety of a muted mic.

All of these options will include fully voiced lines for all 32 heroes when they’re made public, but here are few of the new options that are appearing on the game’s Public Test Realm right now:

Fall back
Going in
Need help
On my way
Press the attack
Push forward
With You
You’re Welcome

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If you’re like me, who loves to play some Overwatch but doesn’t enjoy dealing with the toxicity of its community via voice chat, these new commands will be a great deal of help to strategize without having to actually have a conversation with anyone who might be ready and willing to throw a slur your way. But it’s got me thinking, are these new options really enough to handle every situation? Probably not, and it would be unfair for anyone to expect Blizzard to write and record dialogue for every possible turn of events that could take place in an Overwatch match, but here are a few suggestions of some worthwhile lines that could address some frequent issues and scenarios players might come across:

“Pharah, if you want healing I need you to get closer to the ground because my healing grenades do not reach that high.” – Baptiste

“Genji and Doomfist, would you kindly hold the fuck still?” – Ana

“Everyone, wait up until I spawn so I can speed us all up when we charge toward the objective.” – Lucio

“Ana, don’t use Nano Boost on me until I’ve de-meched the D.Va.” – Soldier: 76

“I literally cannot protect you if you don’t stay behind the barrier that I placed right where we need it to keep the opposing team off the objective.” – Orisa

“I’m just gonna yeet B.O.B. off the side of the map, if that’s okay with everyone here.” – Ashe

“Alright, I’m going to need everyone to stay on my ass like your life depends on it while I leap right into the opposing team with just my bubble to protect me, okay?” – Winston

“I am gay and playing as me makes you gay.” – Soldier: 76

“Why is nobody healing me? I’m dealing the majority of our damage right now and you’re all just hanging me out to dry.” – Pharah and Echo, flying several feet in the air and out of the range of around half the Support heroes.

“Don’t touch the fucking slept Genji, so help me, God.” – Ana

“I’m going to strategically place this teleporter for us to appear behind enemy lines. Please follow me through it.” – Symmetra

“I shielded you so you could stay in the line of fire, not run away from it.” – Zarya

“I’m a hamster.” – Wrecking Ball

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