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New Report Corroborates Overwatch 2 Leaks Ahead of Blizzcon Reveal

4-player co-op, new modes, and new looks

Last week a Twitch streamer called Metro leaked details about an Overwatch sequel set to be announced at Blizzcon. Now ESPN has published a new report that seems to confirm a lot of information that came from the leak, including a title, modes, and even a logo that started floating around yesterday.

ESPN’s report comes from both a source inside Blizzcon and a training document for employees of the event set to take place in Anaheim this weekend. According to the document, the new game will simply be called Overwatch 2, and will feature a 4-player cooperative story mode. Some of the story will take place in Rio de Janeiro, but there weren’t any specifics about what the story would entail.

While PvE will apparently play a big role in Overwatch 2, ESPN also reports that the sequel will introduce a new mode called “Push” alongside staples like Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid, but there was no further information beyond the name.

Along with all this information was a piece of art showcasing both a new logo and an updated look for support hero Lucio. The logo matches one that started circulating yesterday on Twitter with art of cover girl Tracer in a new set of armor.

While most of ESPN’s report matches Metro’s leaks, it did deviate in one significant way: based on the document, Blizzard appears to be planning to unveil the original game’s 32nd hero in the form of Echo, a robot that debuted in the “Reunion” animated short starring McCree and Ashe from last year’s Blizzcon.

All things considered, 2019 seems like a year of major change for Overwatch, as not only is there apparently a sequel mere days away from being revealed, but between the Switch port, major changes to the way the game is played with role lock (both good and bad), and new lore initiatives like novels, Blizzard seems to be in the process of completely overhauling the franchise. We’ll see if it’s all for good or ill on Friday when Blizzcon begins.

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