Xur is Selling Corsair’s Wrath With a Weird Masterwork in Destiny 2

Grab a Corsair's Wrath with a Blast Radius Masterwork for... reasons.

Xur’s in the Tower this weekend, and our favorite Emissary of the Nine is selling something weird — a Linear Fusion Rifle with a Masterwork that doesn’t belong on it. Specifically, he’s pushing a Corsair’s Wrath from Season of the Hunt with a Blast Radius Masterwork. How does that (master)work? It just does!

But seriously, the Masterwork doesn’t seem to have any effect on the weapon, because Linear Fusion Rifles don’t, well, have a blast radius to improve in the first place. This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Xur has sold a weapon with a perk or Masterwork that doesn’t seem to belong on it. Last month, he was selling a Stars in Shadow Pulse Rifle with a perk that changed every once in a while. And a week before that, he had a Chrysura Melo Auto Rifle with an Accuracy Masterwork. What’s up with you, Xur? You ok?

As for the weapon itself, Killing Wind/Unrelenting isn’t a great roll on a Linear Fusion Rifle, so you’re probably just going to want to grab this Corsair’s Wrath for the novelty factor. Why does this keep happening? I’m not sure, but it’s amusing if nothing else. Maybe Xur’s just having some fun to relieve the boredom of his predictable existence. Maybe Telesto is starting to affect other weapons. Or maybe it’s just a bug.

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