Xur is Selling a Stars in Shadow With a Changing Perk in Destiny 2

Xur is offering a bugged gun for sale two weeks in a row.

In his seasonal quest to confound Guardians, Xur is once again selling a gun that makes absolutely no sense. First sighted by Destiny 2 content creator FalloutPlays, the Stars in Shadow offered actually has a perk that just changes when you inspect the weapon. To be clear, I don’t mean that the weapon has additional perks or random rolls. The perk Firmly Planted literally just swaps itself out for the Quickdraw when you view it in his vendor menu.

Xur Stars in Shadows

Things get even weirder if you have reset your Crucible rank to get an additional perk choice in that column. Notice how in the photo of the weapon above this Stars in Shadows just has two Quickdraw perks? Yeah, that’s not edited or manipulated, that’s what the gun looked like after the Firmly Planted perk just vanished from existence. Unfortunately, buying the weapon and then inspecting it won’t make that perk transform. This appears to only be a visual bug when you view the gun in Xur’s menu and not your own inventory.

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time this season that Xur has been selling a bugged weapon. On June 3rd, Xur sold a Chrysura Melo auto rifle with the bow-specific masterwork, Accuracy. While the masterwork itself offers no actual benefits, it is remarkably odd that Xur is consistently offering glitched guns. Maybe he’s just upset we haven’t come played Dares of Eternity since the new season started.

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