Thirsty Gamers Are Vying to See Leaked Xbox Series X Port Photos

Why are all the gamers so eager to see what sorts of diddly-doos they can insert into their new playtime toy?

After its announcement, gamers are thirsting for Xbox Series X leaks. And to be fair, leaks of the desirable have defined the modern era in ways we cannot begin to comprehend. Kim Kardashian’s sex tapes preceded her building an unmatched empire of fashion, influence, and mobile gaming from her name alone. Hulk Hogan’s case with Gawker set a dangerous precedent in how the wealthy class can toy with media as it pleases. And just a few weeks ago, dataminers leaked way too much of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

But now, the newest leak circulating the internet has all the gamer boys in a hot mess: the Xbox Series X. And more specifically, these are scandalous images of the ports.

The media had circulated, according to another leak (when do they end!?), that we’d be seeing a specific set of ports. And now we have confirmation about what exactly we’re seeing:

  • USB-A, but it’s SuperSpeed, the latest in high-speed port tech I guess?
  • Ethernet, for wired Internet-ing so your teammates don’t whine
  • HDMI, for everything from your 2011 Craigslist TV to your 4k setup
  • Optical audio, if you really wanna feel that boom 
  • Power. Xbox is no longer baby. It requires power

There appears to be a Kensington anti-theft port next to serial code, so nobody can, say, take unapproved property and put it elsewhere. (Hmm.) And allegedly, that long port is meant exclusively for developers to fiddle with, but we don’t have many details on that! And to be fair, we like a little mystery in our mysterious pictures.

All this is coming from a dude named Doug – Xbox Series X on Twitter, who seems to be… an Xbox dude. Thank you, Doug X, for the hot pics.

And for preservation purposes, here are the photos alone:

xbox series x port leak xbox series x leak

The anticipation for these port leaks has been high, hot and heavy for weeks. Hell, before we got these unofficial photos, we saw a massive wave of voices cry out over a rendered version of the Xbox Series X’s possible ports. In a sizzle reel for CES 2020, AMD included a render for the upcoming Microsoft console. And, of course, there were some lusty rendered ports in the back.

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However, as it turns out, it didn’t match the actual appearance of the Xbox Series X. While renders from these companies are often accurate! But since AMD didn’t have its hands on an actual Series X, they couldn’t one-to-one reproduce the actual sensual experience of the upcoming console. But aren’t even the most outlandish fabricated images meant to play to reality’s desires, anyway?

And desire, these gamers show. As soon as the actual Xbox Series X leaks came out, fans and writers picked at the implications of the console. The analysis unveiled their inner hopes and dreams: What should an Xbox Series X do? What will it provide in their lonely nights?

Apparently the answer is… enough. There are no real extra bells and whistles to these Series X ports, which, for a lot of gamers, seems to be good! Sometimes, you just need a nice, vanilla experience. And if these Xbox Series X leaks are true, gamers will get just what they need to satisfy them.

EDIT: One of our readers pointed out the Kensington lock. Thanks!