Xbox Doesn’t Make a Big Deal About Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass, Huh?

Shenmue I, Shenmue II, and also Shenmue I & II are leaving the service soon.

I admittedly don’t play games on an Xbox or a PC, but I always hear nothing but wonderful things about Xbox Game Pass as a service in particular. But today, I learned that apparently Microsoft doesn’t make a point to let folks know when a game is no longer going to be available to download through it. Instead, you have to look at the official site and filter by “leaving soon.”

As of this writing, you’ll find a few games under this category, including Deus Ex Mankind Divided, the last game in the shooter franchise that appropriated the Black Lives Matter movement and then said it didn’t, actually. Point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park and Lichterspeer: Double Speer Edition are also here, along with Shenmue and Shenmue II, as well as the dual pack that contains both of those games.

Sure, who wants to bring attention to losing content on your service? But consider something like Xbox Live Gold’s Games with Gold feature. This allows subscribers to get free games for a month, and then keep them after they’ve downloaded them as long as they’re still subscribed. The knowledge that these offers are finite incentivizes people to jump on these games while they can, but also giving them consistent dates for when they will be leaving a service puts people at ease in a way that lets them know that they don’t have to jump up out of bed, boot up their Xbox, then hit the “buy” button right away. They’ll still be there as long as you get them before a certain date.

Here with Xbox Game Pass, the rules seem a little more arbitrary. And that these games leaving the service is buried in a very specific corner of the internet just seems like a strange way to go about it. Certainly when it comes to communicating with folks about a service they’re spending money on.

In other news:

Now that I’m here looking at the site though, y’all have got some pretty sick deals here, huh? Grand Theft Auto V is here with a subscription and still manages to sell millions of copies a year. Then some of Xbox’s major tentpole games are here too, like the entirety of the Halo series and Gears 5, which isn’t even a year old. Kingdom Hearts III is here too. A year old, but the Re:Mind DLC is finally out for Xbox One now as of last week, so that’s a cross-promotional win for Square-Enix. And even Yakuza 0, which literally launched on Xbox One last week? That’s a pretty good get, and might entice more Xbox players to try that series out, as a lot of Japanese games tend to either not sell as well on the platform or some Japanese developers opt to just not bring their games to it altogether. So that’s probably the best place for it to be out the gate.


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