Xbox Aware Some Players Still Can’t Launch or Buy Games

There's a fix in the works as some users remain unable to access their digital Xbox library.


As of 12:30 am, May 8, Xbox Support says the issue with purchasing, launching, and accessing Cloud Gaming sessions should be resolved. The status page for its Xbox online services also reports everything as stable.

Original Article:
After a similar ordeal yesterday, it looks like Xbox network services are down once again. According to the official Xbox Support account, the platform holder is aware of the downtime some users face accessing digital games and is working on a fix.

The network difficulties affect Xbox online services across all supported devices, including Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox 360, and Cloud Gaming. While Xbox works to remedy its network troubles, players may be “unable to purchase & launch games or start Cloud Gaming sessions,” so your digital library may remain inaccessible for a bit. That includes using features like backwards compatibility, remote play, or even launching digital games you’ve downloaded.

For a brief window within the last 24 hours, the service stabilized before recording another round of issues at 3 pm CST. However, as of 8:30 pm CST, the Xbox Status page still notes trouble across its gaming services. There is no ETA on when Xbox expects its services to see a fix, but Support recommends referring to that same status page for updates.

If you’re one of the players affected by the Xbox network outage, Xbox Support recommends rebooting your console before trying to launch another digital game. Some players responding to the official account note that this worked for them, while the issue persists for others. The status page also warns that even though you may be able to access some online services, games may suddenly disconnect—so even if you are among the lucky ones going unscathed, perhaps now is a good time to save.

This is day two of outages for the platform, with the same woes reported around cloud gaming, buying, and launching digital games yesterday. Xbox Support did tweet an all clear about ten hours ago for streaming apps and its games, but it looks like the issue either returned or wasn’t completely resolved. A bit of a bummer and reminder that digital also means you aren’t always in control of your library, as some folks can only play their disc-based copies for now. Here’s to hoping it’s fixed soon.