A Massive, 65-Pound, Fully Functional Nintendo Switch May Be Impractical, But it’s Pretty Neat

It's bigger than me.

The Nintendo Switch is handheld, but the world’s largest version of the device needs to be held with both arms. YouTuber Michael Pick has created a fully functional Nintendo Switch with a 30 by 70-inch 4K display, and while it’s not going on sale, it’s pretty neat to see him play the cartoonishly large recreation of the device.

The whole console is made up of wooden cutouts made to look like the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers (analog drift not included), which contain the actual Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con inside. The mechanisms within are linked to the 3D-printed outside buttons and analog sticks, and push their respective buttons and sticks inside. So it works like any other Switch, and games that you can play with one Joy-Con actually work well enough. While it’s impractical for one person to play with both Joy-Cons at once, the giant Switch is still compatible with a Pro Controller so you can reasonably play something like Breath of The Wild. But hey, if you were determined enough, you and a friend could use both Joy-Cons at once and try and make a single player game cooperative. By controlling one character together and communicating strategies and trying to make it work while one controls movement and the other takes care of actions.

“I really like the Nintendo Switch,” Pick said. “It’s small, it’s portable. But it’s really easy to lose. For me, that was a problem. So I decided to fix that by making something that was a little bit larger, and just a little bit harder to lose.”

After completion, Pick donated the big Switch to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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While the giant Switch has a 4K display, word on the street is Nintendo is looking to release its own 4K-supporting Switch soon with a new model reportedly set to launch this year.


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