Wolfenstein: Youngblood v1.0.5 Brings Better Balance and Smarter Sisters to PC

Console versions forthcoming.

MachineGames and Arkane Studios Lyon have pushed a new patch for their family oriented anti-Nazi hell-raising vengeance simulator Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which aims to improve the overall balance of the game through myriad solutions. Adjustments have been made to weapon potency, boss effectiveness, ammo distribution, damage calculation, and even some behavioral improvements for the player’s dear sister, at least when she’s controlled by the AI. No one can improve your IRL co-op partner’s behavior with a patch. Yet.

The new patch (version 1.0.5) is available as of right now on PC, and is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime next week. Nintendo Switch owners, who are still waiting to get their hands on the previous patch (version 1.0.4), will receive a merged version of both updates sometime “in the following weeks,” so sayeth Bethesda. Here’s what PC owners can now expect when they launch Wolfenstein: Youngblood:

Wolfenstein: Youngblood v1.0.5 Weapon Balance Changes

Today’s new update does a lot to make weapons more effective, and to make sure that players are able to stay competitive in difficult scenarios. Resetting to a checkpoint after a death now refills base weapons to at least 50 percent ammo capacity, in addition to whatever bonuses are provided by ammo-focused skills and upgrades. This change only applies to basic weapons, but special weapon ammo should now be easier to come across during boss and guardian fights as well. And speaking of checkpoints, Tower missions and Tower Guardian fights have all been modified to include checkpoints during the main missions.

Shotguns, auto-pistols, and SMGs now do more damage, in order to “bring them in line with other basic weapons,” says Bethesda. And in an effort to make the game feel less bullet-spongy, armored enemies now take twice the damage from “incorrect” weapons as they did previously. “This will result in enemies feeling much less absorptive of damage when the player has the wrong weapon equipped,” according to the patch notes. “We still highly encourage players to spend their silver to upgrade a variety of weapon types so as to maximize damage to tough enemies.”

Wolfenstein: Youngblood v1.0.5 Enemy Balance Changes

These next few changes deal with the final boss encounter of the game, and therefore constitute spoiler territory. If you haven’t reached the end of the story, go ahead and skip the next paragraph — these changes won’t mean anything to you anyway!

The final boss encounter with Lothar has been altered in a number of key ways that should (hopefully) make it less brutal. Lothar himself has had his HP reduced for the Penthouse phase of the fight, and the developers have “made a variety of changes to Lothar’s accuracy and damage during his final stage,” which should help even things out a little. They’ve also added an alarm that heralds the arrival of the 4th Reich jets during the Lothar encounter, and have reduced the overall number of missiles, so getting exploded by those should be way less of a surprise than it was previously.

Elsewhere, Tower Guardian levels have been lowered in all districts, in order to “better reflect the level of enemies inside the Towers.” Bethesda still recommends that anyone attempting a tower be at least level 20.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood v1.0.5 Progression Changes

All tutorials from Paris sections one and two now exist in Paris section three, which means that anyone who missed a tutorial can head back to section three and acquire it. Since finding every tutorial is required for 100 percent completion, players that missed tutorials in either of Paris’ first two sections were previously out of luck. Tutorial density in every district has also been raised, meaning that players now have a higher chance of running into a tutorial that they still need to acquire. And finally, Tutorial Computers now appear as an icon once the Secrets Collector perk has been unlocked.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood v1.0.5 Sister AI Changes

Your artificial sister should now be a lot better about avoiding damage from big baddies, which is a trait that everyone wishes for their sister, artificial or otherwise. She should also come to your aid more reliably when when you’re down and in need of healing.

And thems the haps, y’all! For further reading on new UI options and other small changes, click the source link below and peep them full patch notes.


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