Why Does Gengar Need a Spacesuit if it’s a Ghost and Doesn’t Breathe?

I have questions.

Pokemon Unite is entering a new season as the battle pass changes, new playable Pokemon arrive, and a few new costumes for them to fight in become available. Like this one pictured above of Ghost-type Pokemon Gengar in a spacesuit, which raises so many questions about what I thought it meant to be a ghost.

Starting tomorrow, September 22, the Pokemon MOBA will be headed to mobile devices alongside the already-released Switch version. Both versions of the game will support cross-play, so be expecting a bigger pool of players tomorrow. This will jumpstart the game’s new season, which is going to be space-themed. This includes new holowear for Lucario and Gengar, the latter of which has me questioning whether or not Gengar is actually a ghost or simply something close to it. Gengar’s spacesuit includes a helmet so a dead king can breathe. But if he’s a ghost, does he need oxygen? Most of Gengar’s Pokedex entries reference its trickster nature, but not much is here about whether or not the Pokemon is actually dead. There are a few Ghost-type Pokemon whose in-universe descriptions actually describe them as souls of the dead like Yamask, so the actual nature of Gengar is a big question mark. But regardless, it does mean Gengar either needs oxygen to survive(?), or is really committing to the spacesuit aesthetic.

Sylveon and Mamoswine, two new playable Pokemon coming to Unite, will also be arriving at some point during this season’s duration, but there’s no word on when just yet. Beyond the new content, the team is also looking at some QOL changes and modes that will help balance the experience, including one that will level the playing field for all players regardless of their held items. Each player has three held items with various perks, which has been the subject of some criticism since the game’s launch in July. The update will also include “limited” spectator mode options, new held items, and Unite squads, which is basically an equivalent to clans where you can connect with other players under one umbrella.

Check out the showcase trailer below:

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Pokemon Unite has been a pillar of the series’ 25th anniversary, but The Pokemon Company also has a few more games in the works. Including Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which are coming to Switch on November 19.

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