Wholesome Snack Brings Two New Announcements and a Handful of Updates

Nine games is a lot easier to parse than 55.

While it wasn’t the huge, 55-game reveal marathon of the first Wholesome Direct from back in May, the “Wholesome Snack” presentation offered up a shorter, more palatable presentation of cute and feel good games by focusing on a smaller number of them instead. Nine of them, to be exact.

If you’ve got the time, you can check out the full archived presentation here on YouTube:

For everyone else, here’s the rundown:

The Wholesome Snack showcase led with some updates on previously-revealed games, including Kitfox Games announcing it would be acting as publisher for Pupparazi, a dog photography game from Sundae Month, when it comes to Steam. Meanwhile, Snacko, a farming sim by Bluecurse Studios has been fully-funded on Kickstarter following its announcement during the first Wholesome Direct. Garden Story also made another appearance, this time to circle around to the Wholesome Direct audience with an announcement that was made at Nintendo’s last Indie World showcase: it’s coming to Switch alongside PC when it launches in 2021.

Next up was social-sim and puzzle game Lonesome Village about saving villagers who are disappearing which wasn’t present at the last Wholesome Direct, but is coming to PC and consoles. Following this was Lemon Cake, which is a farming and baking simulator by solo developer Éloïse Laroche where you’ll grow and make your ingredients and then make and serve your various treats to customers. Closing out the updates section of the show was Button City, which opened the original Wholesome Direct. At the previous showcase, developer Subliminal explained that the game is about a group of friends trying to save their local arcade from being torn down, and in the newest trailer the studio introduced said group of friends.

In other news:

Then we transitioned into the actual announcements, which started off with Land of Screens, a narrative-driven adventure game by Serenity Forge. It stars a girl named Holland who is going through it after a break-up with her long-term boyfriend, and attempts to unplug from social media after having been inundated with it for so long in order to “discover some real-world relationships,” as described on its Steam page. I guess we’ll see whether or not Holland has an actually unhealthy relationship with social media that she needs to examine or if it’s going to fall back into “it’s because you’re always on that phone” anti-technology views when it launches on Steam next year.

Serenity Forge also revealed a dating simulator called Date Night Bowling, which will be more than a social sim in a dating context, as you’ll also have to be good at bowling, back massages, bowling ball polishing, and every possible small interaction you would ever be nervous about doing on a first date. It’s also coming in 2021.

The showcase ended with a trailer for Half Past Fate, described as a “rom-com” adventure game, which is available now on PC and Switch.


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