Who is the Nightmare Hiding in the H.E.L.M. in Destiny 2?

Could it be the Hunter Katabasis from Season of the Chosen?

As Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted progresses, the mystery of the egregore fungus is slowly unravelling. Meanwhile, the fungus is spreading throughout the H.E.L.M. This week, the precautions against the egregore spreading appear to be failing, as the fungus is spilling out from the Wing of the Haunted and into the main area of the vessel. There’s also an interesting little surprise for anyone keeping an keen eye out — there’s a Nightmare nestled in amongst the fungus.

Who could this Nightmare be? It appears to be a Hunter, based on the cloak. It’s possible that it’s just a generic Guardian, like those who appear on the Moon and the Derelict Leviathan. But I think there’s another possibility — it could be Katabasis, the Hunter who allied himself with Calus during the events of Season of the Chosen. Recall that Katabasis was found strung up by the egregore fungus at the end of that mission, and examine the Nightmare that appears in the H.E.L.M. It seems to have tendrils connected to its arms which appear quite similar to the appearance of the egregore.

Destiny 2 Nightmare HELM

If it is Katabasis, then perhaps he’ll play a role in the further events of the Season of the Haunted — even if just in lore. That said, it might not be him. It’s hard to tell based on the shifting appearance of the Nightmare, but the figure could be female. If that’s the case, and if it is the Nightmare of a specific Hunter, then it could be any number of characters mentioned in lore or external sources. Some possibilities are Gemma Nixx, Iron Lady Perun, or Tallulah Fairwind, though none of those characters seem to have much bearing on the events of the season. I could maybe see Perun manifesting as Saladin’s Nightmare, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

Destiny 2 Nightmare HELM

What do you think? Katabasis makes the most sense to me, since the Season of the Haunted has established that the egregore can function as a kind of transmission vessel for consciousness — maybe some part of him survived within it and has made its way to the H.E.L.M. Why might that be? Are there going to be any unforeseen consequences of the egregore spreading across the H.E.L.M.? Is Calus trying to take over the ship through the fungus? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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