When is Electronic Arts’ EA Play Show?

The publisher won't be at E3, but they still have a Summer show.

A few years ago, publisher Electronic Arts pulled out of E3 to host their own show on the side, but it would not be shocking if you never realized that. EA’s show, where they have revealed games like Jedi Fallen Order in the past, was so close in proximity to the actual Electronic Entertainment Expo that most fans at home really did not notice a separation between the two.

In 2020, after E3 cancelled all its plans for a physical show due to the pandemic, a scattershot of other publishers decided to fill the vacuum left by the usual show by hosting their own livestreams. For that year, EA kept fairly close to the usual date by hosting EA Play right around when E3 would have been. This year, they are separating themselves out a lot more.

EA Play 2021 will take place on Thursday, July 22.

Electronic Arts has not outlined what they will show yet, but in a recent financial call, did mention that the new Battlefield game would be revealed in June, the month before EA Play. That means we can probably expect a deeper dive into the title for the actual show. Criterion is also a part of the Battlefield development team, having paused work on a new Burnout to help DICE with the shooter, but that doesn’t mean Burnout is impossible to show here.

Beyond that, EA Sports’ usual lineup is a safe bet, especially since they will be able to talk about the various benefits next-gen systems are providing them. It’s also likely that we’ll see another few EA Partners games at this show. Josef Fares’ It Takes Two met with quite a bit of critical success, so EA will likely double down on the initiative.

The company has also long been teasing a new major revolution to The Sims series, so a reveal of The Sims 5 or something like it might be around the corner.


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