WB Promises Patch to Make Back 4 Blood Zombies Stop Yelling Racial Slur

It's apparently due to an issue with multiple sound files playing at once.

Back 4 Blood’s early access beta is on its final day before it goes public later this week, but the developers over at Turtle Rock have an odd bug on their hands: the zombies (or the Ridden, as they’re called) in the game are saying something that sounds a whole fucking lot like the n-word.

Players started noticing this over the weekend, and Kotaku wrote a piece on the phenomenon on Saturday after writer Zack Zwiezen also heard it himself. It’s definitely not an isolated incident, as it’s recurring enough to have been heard by multiple users. If you want to hear some zombies making sounds that are very close to a racial slur, here’s some clips from Twitter users @HomBKE and @DotoDoya.

In other news:

In a statement to Kotaku, publisher WB Games explained the issue was that two audio clips are playing on top of each other, and when they’re combined it sounds like the n-word, and that the offending clip will be gone by either the launch of the public beta on Thursday or when Back 4 Blood launches on October 12. Hopefully it’s out by the beta, but that is cutting it pretty close. So I guess we’ll see in a few days.

Our team has been made aware of offensive language that can be heard when playing the game. This was not recorded or ever intended to be part of our gameplay. The audio is a result of two different Ridden growls that are playing simultaneously and when heard together sound like that word. We are working diligently to fix this issue, which should be completed either in time for the Beta, or when the game launches.


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