Warner Bros. Montreal is Hiring for a New IP Alongside Gotham Knights

The project is still likely set in the DC Comics universe.

Warner Bros. Montreal, best known for its work on Batman: Arkham Origins and the upcoming Gotham Knights, is apparently taking a step outside of the Batcave for its next project and is working on a brand new IP. Does this mean it’s still working within the realm of DC Comics? Probably. But it at least might be something a bit different.

News of this comes from a job listing for a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer (thanks PCGamesN), saying the person occupying the position would “work with its game development team responsible for a new IP, AAA title.” There are a few hints at the upcoming game’s style, such as it being a “third-person open world action game,” according to the job listing for a 3C Game Designer role, as well as mentions of “cross-platform Gameplay systems” that imply either some kind of multiplayer functionality or at least something that will span multiple consoles.

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As for what this game will entail, Warner Bros. Montreal is a company specifically dedicated to making games within the DC Comics universe. It’s even noted on its official website. But just based on the information we have now, there’s not much to narrow down what the team is hiring for. A third-person open-world action game seems to fit pretty much any superhero in that universe’s catalog. It’s probably too much to hope it’s a Green Arrow game, right?