Warframe Runs the Tape Back on TennoCon 2021 This Friday

Feat. Nidus Prime, Operation: Plague Star, and The New War.

I fell through the floor at this year’s TennoCon. The “Relay Event” — a sort of in-game funhouse where players are pulled together, live, into unique scenes before receiving participation awards — buckled under yet another concurrency record. More Warframe players were online at the same time than ever before. As tends to happen at every annual Warframe convention.

This was the time the event outright broke for me and what sounds like a large number of PC players. I was greeted by an empty room and a connection error message before finally falling “through the world” into an infinite abyss. I had to log out and watch the event secondhand on the Digital Extremes Twitch channel. Of course, with COVID keeping people inside and playing games more than ever, it’s no surprise the viewer count was even higher (and more unstable) than usual.

Presumably to make up for this, Digital Extremes is offering “a special rerun” of the event this Friday, Aug. 27. It lines up directly with one of the company’s regular Devstreams: livestreams where the makers of Warframe show off works in progress and tease upcoming updates. That includes the recently announced Nidus Prime and the returning Operation: Plague Star quest. Both of which will be further detailed in the video.

Warframe Relay Event
This is me, falling through the world, instead of watching some sweet flashback.

The expansion everyone is talking about, of course, is The New War. This major story update has been years in the making, but Digital Extremes only showed off gameplay for the first time at TennoCon 2021. During which we saw new playable characters Teshin, Kahl-175, and Veso. Teshin is a longstanding figure in Warframe lore — an NPC vendor in charge of PVP and the Steel Path “new game plus” mode — though he’s never been playable before.

The New War, Nidus Prime, and the return of Operation: Plague Star are all scheduled for this year. Though exactly when isn’t clear yet. Perhaps a release window will be part of the “look behind the The New War development curtain” promised in the stream’s press release, but Digital Extremes typically waits until an expansion is well and truly done to announce that sort of thing. Though Plague Star will likely arrive first (for the first time since January of 2020) alongside “a new weapon” to be revealed on stream attached to the event.

Besides what’s mentioned in the press release, I at least expect Digital Extremes to mention the other big TennoCon reveals: Warframe crossplay, cross-save, and a mobile port. I’m especially looking forward to playing on the couch, where I can curl up with my two cats who scream incessantly for me to leave my office when I sit at my PC for too long. Though the mobile version probably spells big things for the free-to-play game among younger players and in markets outside North America.

Warframe Helminth
This is my Helminth meat wall, Yarsuul.

Not to mention I really need Nidus Prime. I fed my standard, less powerful Nidus to a big wall of meat as part of the “Helminth system” to prepare. That allows me to transfer one of his abilities to any other Warframe I choose, but also I’ve been without one of my favorite tank characters for a while now. I can’t let his sacrifice be in vain (the meat wall already covered him in veins while it digested him).

Disclaimer: Tencent acquired games company Leyou in late 2020, making it the parent company of Digital Extremes’ parent company. Tencent is also the parent company of Fanbyte Media. Though they have no say in our editorial coverage. Digital Extremes even answered Polygon’s TennoCon interview questions this year before mine. On that note, if you’re reading this, Cass, curse you. Your write-up was great, though.