The Latest Warframe Is like If Kirby Were a Space Horror Instead of Cute

King Die-Die-Die

Warframe‘s weird gross space monsters continue to get weirder and grosser as time marches on, and the free-to-play shooter’s next addition is no exception. Available as part of Warframe‘s upcoming The Old Blood content update, Grendel is “a noble spirit whose generosity is matched only by his insatiable hunger,” according to developer Digital Extremes. As you’ll see in the trailer below, he’s basically some kind of Terror Kirby from an alternate timeline where Nintendo also made Event Horizon.

Grendel inhales baddies into his giant gut mouth, and once they’re inside he has several options for how to further defile them. He can spit them right back out if he wants, and watch them burn from the toxic bile they’ve picked up inside his tummy tum, or he can finish the job and swallow them whole, applying a radial healing buff to himself and nearby squad members. He can also “violently puke out a bile-soaked enemy” as a projectile attack if he’s in that sorta mood, and once he’s “engorged from feeding,” he can transform into a dang bowling ball and mutilate enemies with his crushing weight.

Elsewhere in The Old Blood, players will have to contend with the Kuva Lich, a new “personal” antagonist that will work to claim territory across the solar system and basically make your life a living hell. “The Kuva Lich and its allies will relentlessly terrorize players across the Origin System,” says Digital Extremes, “requiring Tenno to decipher clues to hunt down and defeat them. However, each time the Kuva Lich is defeated, it will evolve into a new form, growing more powerful, absorbing Tenno Abilities and amassing resources and allies that will dramatically alter players’ next encounter, whether it be planetside, or in future updates, aboard a warship in the deep reaches of space.”

The only way to truly kill your Kuva Lich is with the “Parazon,” a new melee weapon described as a “covert data blade.” One would assume that acquiring the Parazon won’t be as easy as sprint-wall-sliding over to the crafting bench and making one out of whatever you’ve got lying around, but Digital Extremes hasn’t specified.

The Old Blood also brings with it a substantially overhauled melee combat system, which introduces launching attacks and proper, mid-air juggle combos, bringing Warframe one step closer to the deeply anime heart that it has worked to conceal for so long. These “Phase 2” melee changes also introduce heavy attacks for all melee weapons, a broad re-balance for melee weapon and mod stats, as well as the return of a melee-only attack stance.

And finally, fans of the Vauban and Ember frames can look forward to newly reworked slates of abilities for both frames. “Vauban’s Kit allows for crowd control on the go and introduces a suite of new offensive capabilities, including the devastating Orbital Strike,” according to the official website. “Ember’s Kit synergises around her new Immolation Meter, which grants her some much-needed survivability and increases her firepower.”

Digital Extremes has yet to give a specific date for when The Old Blood will arrive, but we do know that it’s headed to PC first, and consoles at some point afterwards. We also know that it’s supposed to arrive before the start of Empyrean, the next big chapter of Warframe’s plot, which is still expected to launch sometime before the end of the year.


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