The Warframe ‘Ghoul Saw’ Is Like a Unicycle Gun You Can Hit People With

The fan-requested weapon hits Warframe soon with the return of Operation: Plague Star.

A Warframe “Ghoul Saw” will soon makes it way into many players arsenals. Digital Extremes has shared that the long-requested (and slightly less long-promised) melee weapon will appear during Operation: Plague Star. Also you can ride around on it like a unicycle while mulching through enemies.

The weapon itself technically started as part of another in-game event, the aptly named “Ghoul Purge,” as an enemy weapon that zombified foes literally ride. Operation: Plague Star is set in the same open-world location: the Plains of Eidolon. Though it’s only a semi-annual occurrence. The last Plague Star dropped in January of 2020. After which players were able to fight the Infested faction across special bounties, in a zone that’s usually dominated by Grineer clone troopers. Besides shaking up the region, Operation: Plague Star provides unique rewards with every reoccurrence. Now one such item is the Ghoul Saw.

Warframe developers first showed a mockup of the weapon during a Devstream early this year. At which point Studio General Manager Sheldon Carter, as well as Art & Animation Director Geoff Crookes, joked about riding the dang thing. This is something Warframe enemies already do. The Ghoul Rictus that wields the diesel engine item charges forward at speed on top of its signature weapon. Players will be able to do so, too, apparently, after firing the huge sawblade out like a projectile.

Grineer Ghoul Saw

The loot-based shooter is no stranger to bizarre weapons already. Some of the most powerful weapons in Warframe right now include a bow that shoots squids, a gunblade energy cannon, and a remote detonated exploding discus. The Ghoul Saw appears to be a new “archetype,” however, with wild swings and the whole clown-cycle thing.

Operation: Plague Star isn’t a new event, by contrast. But it’s irregular enough to give folks something to do while waiting for The New War (a major expansion said to finally be arriving in 2021). There’s no word on when the fresh Plague Star will pop on the plains (the event literally manifests a glowing boil for players to lance). But the activity will get more details today at 2 p.m. PT, during Devstream 156 on Twitch. The video will also include details about the next souped-up Warframe — Nidus Prime — as well as more details on The New War and a “rerun” of the TennoCon 2021 community event.

That’s a lot! Which makes sense given this is the first Devstream since this year’s Warframe convention. There are many questions to answer and many expectations to meet. By the sounds of it, at least, players will have something real to occupy their time afterwards. Not to mention that something will take them to the Plains of Eidolon — which don’t appear to be in great shape during The New War gameplay we’ve seen. This year’s Operation: Plague Star might be the last, big hurrah for the game’s original open-world area. At least as we know it.

Whether the Ghoul Saw is worth the wait (and whatever grind goes with it) remains to be seen. At the very least, it’s further proof that Warframe is just a really, really strange game sometimes…

Disclaimer: Tencent acquired games company Leyou in late 2020, making it the parent company of Digital Extremes’ parent company. Tencent is also the parent company of Fanbyte Media. Though they have no say in our editorial coverage. I’m also running out of funny jokes to make at the end of these notes, so I’ll leave it at that this time.