Warframe Cross Save Teased During Devstream: ‘We’re Working on It’

One of the most asked questions about Warframe finally has something of an answer.

Warframe crossplay, and to a lesser extent cross save, has been a hotly discussed topic for years. The game launched into open beta on PC ages ago. It later came to PlayStation 4 as a free launch title, and finally made its way to Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch. Although the computer and console versions are not kept concurrent. PC players get updates months earlier than their counterparts. Which is why it always felt like crossplay and cross save were faraway dreams — no matter how many times players and press asked Warframe developer Digital Extremes if they were coming. Now, though, we may be closer to that goal than ever.

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After a brief hiatus, the long-running Warframe devstream — where the developers regularly show off upcoming features — has returned with a vengeance. Episode 131 showed off the upcoming Warframe called Grendel, detailed the Shadow of Mordor-like “Kuva Lich” nemesis system, and heavily hinted at Warframe cross save in the near future. At least it seems nearer than it has in the past.

“[We] don’t have anything further to announce,” Digital Extremes’ Creative Director Steve Sinclair said. “Other than we are working on it, and we’re kind of at that point where we’ve done the initial investigation, and we’ll have to see where we go from there.”

Sinclair did specify that this does not mean Warframe crossplay is likely any time soon. Digital Extremes is, in fact, “not currently investigating crossplay” at all. The distinction being that players might be able to share their progress from one console to another — or even from PC to consoles in general — but that players will not be able to interact across platforms in real time.

Cross Save Warframe Devstream

Warframe Cross Save Teased, Crossplay Not in the Works

This is not tremendously surprising. Crossplay and (in some cases) cross save is becoming more and more prevalent. Sony very quietly relented on the topic just this week, declaring that its crossplay program for PlayStation 4 had left “beta.” Although numerous developers had already been using it without any issue for months. That includes popular games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Whereas the developer for Apex Legends has repeatedly both stated and leaked that crossplay is in the works.

Destiny 2, meanwhile, just finalized its transition to cross save with the release of its Shadowkeep expansion. Players can now designate a primary account and move their characters from system to system, with minimal hassle. Although characters you created on other profiles do enter a sort of limbo for several weeks after doing so.

It’s unclear what Warframe cross save might look like by comparison. The staggered development cycles throw a bit of a wrench into fully carrying over progress from PC — where players might have items and features not implemented elsewhere — onto consoles. Perhaps this reveal hints at greater parity between platforms, as well, but Sinclair did not mention that. Another alternative might be cross save only between console players. Although that would be a bit of a letdown to me, personally, as a PC user…

Time will tell where Warframe cross play goes from here. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information develops!