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Valorant Got a Release Date & You're Gonna Lose All Your Progress, Mate

Riot Games' hero Counter-Strike-like hero shooter is exiting closed beta and getting a lot more open.

Alright, it looks like we have a Valorant release date. Specifically, Valorant is moving out of its closed beta (which you can enter by watching Twitch streams and praying) and into an official release pretty damn soon. We can’t think of a better time to pick up… yet another hero shooter, so hey, it’s a decent marketing move on Riot’s part to release its own into the wild while we’re glued helplessly to our screens during the never-ending E3 this summer.

If you’ve been thwarted by the beast that is Twitch, or the painful experience of taping your eyelids open while you watch someone scream over a Valorant stream in the hopes that you’ll get a beta key, you might be relieved to know your suffering will be over soon.

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Valorant exits its closed beta on May 28, which is basically about a week away. If you’re wondering what this means, for those who have been able to actually crack into Valorant and try your best to hitscan a bunch of people far better than you at the game (no, this isn’t an incredibly specific example, what are you talking about), your progress is about to be reset. 

Yeah! Every single MVP award that you’ve clawed your way into is basically going to mean nothing once the game launches officially because you’re going to be on the same footing as every other pleb who didn’t manage to get into the beta. Congrats!

Riot Games’ shooter has an official release date (on PC) of June 2, 2020. And when the beta closes on May 28, 2020, the time in between will be used to reset everyone’s progress and slap on preparations for a patch to drop soon after said release date. 

We can expect a raft of new stuff to be available to us once the game officially launches, which is a no-brainer, but we’re staring down the barrel of new characters, maps, and probably game modes too. We’re actually pretty hyped to see what character teasers we get exposed to after June 2. Meanwhile, I’m personally invested in what their Tinder bios are going to look like. 

If you’ve been wondering how Riot Games is going to keep up with the demand for its premier hero shooter, then well, they’ve thought of that, too. There are going to be new servers added when the game goes officially official — in London, Madrid, Warsaw, Dallas, Atlanta, and the Oceania region.

Valorant seems primed for all the little teething moments that come with officially springing onto the market. We’re definitely keen to see where it goes from here. No word yet on whether Ranked will be fully active on June 2, considering that it’s a relatively new addition even for those in the closed beta, but there are kinks to be ironed out for sure before we get our next sexy sniper champion. 

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