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Undertale Dev is Composing a Song for Pokemon Sword and Shield

A new partnership for the developer and Nintendo

Toby Fox, the developer behind Undertale, is having a pretty interesting week.

Along with wrestler Kenny Omega paying tribute to the game at a Halloween match, Fox has announced he’s composed a battle song for the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield coming out later this month.

Fox announced this on his Twitter, with an accompanying doodle of Yamper, a new Pokemon debuting in the Switch games.

Fox went on to say the song is “not like a main track,” implying it will likely be a song that plays during certain battles or will be associated with a certain town or environment.

This is the latest in a line of partnerships between Fox and Nintendo since Undertale was ported to the Nintendo Switch in September of last year. A full year later, Sans, a popular character from the game, made an appearance as a Mii Fighter costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and brought a remix of his signature theme song with him. (To the sound of thunderous applause, mind you.)


Pokemon Sword and Shield are set to launch on November 15, and leading up to the big day, Game Freak and Nintendo have been revealing new Pokemon, new Pokemon variants, and big ol’ Gigantamax versions of fan favorites.

One of the latest announcements, the reveal of Giganatmax versions of Pokemon like Pikachu, Meowth, and Charizard, basically broke the internet by bringing back Pikachu’s old thicc look and making Meowth one long boy. Conversely, a previous announcement, a 24-hour live stream to reveal the Galarian Ponyta variant, basically brought the internet to a complete halt so we could all collectively stare at a static image of a forest waiting for a glimpse of something new and exciting. So it really just sounds like Nintendo and Game Freak know exactly how to grab people’s attention in the lead up to these new games.

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